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past tense of schulzing
"Dude, where's your other shoe?"
"I don't know, I got schulzed last night"
by brad the imprinter June 03, 2005
A form of entertainment where the more experienced drinker takes a novice out to get them shitty drunk by buying them every drink the bartender can imagine. Commonly followed by calling the novice very early the next day to "see how their doin'" and deternmine if they were successfully schulzed.
We're taking the new girl in accounting out for a schulzing tonight, wanna go?
by brad the imprinter June 03, 2005
The language spoken by most geeks, computer salespeople and computer web site designers. Usually illegible to the average person. Common geekinese words include RAM, mega, giga, or terra anything, and the overuse of acronyms like HTML, STFU, RTFM, and others
My mom tried to buy a new pc today, but she got confused by all the geekinese the saleman was blabbing, so she bought a toaster instead.
by brad the imprinter August 28, 2005
(n) the room filling stench created by a dog that has been pre-occupied with hours of licking it's ass 'cause you wouldn't take it for a walk when you should have.
When I walked downstairs, all I could smell was doglick, it's pretty obvious the kids didn't walk the dog.
by brad the imprinter April 13, 2005
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