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The most innovative car ever built. Toyota Spent billions of dollars developing this tank. The Lexus LS400Also referred to as the UFC10, which was the first model LS, the car came standard with telescoping wheel, traction, and the best sound system ever put in a car PERIOD. Most cars in 1990 didn't even have a single cd player. The car had a drag coefficient that was SO low, that you can drive it at 140mph and not hear anything. It is the quietest car EVER made. (This has been proven). After all the innovations, the reliability and ride quality are its main fortes. The car always seems to float on air and shifts gears so seemlessly and quietly that nobody in the car notices. Most LS's run in excess of 400k miles with proper maintenence. Not to mention, the whole car is blanketed in Yamaha piano wood and the finest leather money can buy. They also never break down. So if you own a Mercedes, Congrats, good for you because I blow by you every day relaxing in higher luxury/build quality and I don't have to take my car in every two weeks. And the fact that the newer mercedes have a few more gadgets (made by chrysler) doesn't concern me because the craftsmanship is not even on the same level and if you own it you're either a poser or a snob.
I blow by benzes doing 120mph, listening to Sinatra on my $3000 Nakamichi sound system that came stock with my car. Bill Gates rocks the Lexus LS400. The only car that trumps the LS400 is the Volkswagen Phaeton
#lexus #ls400 #mercedes #chrysler #nakamichi
by brad jeezy December 05, 2007
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