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someone who hangs out with musicians.

All the definitions I have seen so far are written by drummers, or people who thinks the stereotype is false, but...

dude, drummers don't have real notes. Any dumbshit can tell difference between a quarter note and a whole note. A guitarist on everything known to man, that sees the iguanas in their eyeballs, can keep in time.

Drummers are necessary in bands, but so are microphones, and neither are musicians.
Drummer: Dude, you're such an junkie. You can't even read your notes, keep in time or do anything, shit head.

Guitarist: I can read my notes, but more than that, I have notes. You have the timing for your instrument, and nothing else. You don't play a tuned instrument, and no one even fucking knows your name. There's a reason that no one knows your name, and it's not because everyone's conspiring against you to keep drummers down.


Guitarist: Here, take one of these. It'll help.

*Guitarist hands drummer a pill.*

Drummer: What is it?

Guitarist: Does it matter?
by bornless May 23, 2009
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