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Before the '90s and after the '70s. many people look back on that time with happiness, thinking of the invention of the internet and the movement in music and, lukily, hairstyles. Many also look back with remorse, with a single thought "what was i thinking??"
i was born in the wrong decade. an '80s chick sounds a lot better than sum1 born l8r than when most of their favourite music was released.
by born in the wrong decade November 30, 2004
sed regularly in all parts of scotland, and occasionally in england (although not many english ppl can say the cchhh part of acch--- also sed in the steriotypical scots word occh nooo jim---- but i have never heard that used in normal everyday terms)
"ur going 2 spew in 20 mins"
"acch well at least i can watch the rest of balamory!"
by born in the wrong decade November 30, 2004
animal with long snout and likes to eat ants. (also known as ant eater)
there are two fanous ardvarks:
1: Otis the ardvark. Old CBBC presenter (puppet) and copletely ruled the roost. Left there and started doing odd jobs on and off TV. (Live and Kicking, charaty fund-raisers)
has not been seen for a number of months/years
2: Arthur the ardvark. Star of cartoon on CBBC (arthur) with a teenage ardvark with big glasses and a 5 year old sister who likes cows. call it random. call it funny. call it rubbish, but it is still regularly shown despite many complaints about the lack of arthur's nose.
1: Otis was the best and i want him bck. *sniffs and gases remorefully into blankness*
by born in the wrong decade November 30, 2004
Balamory is a childrens TV show, designed for children who are under 5, though has a larger fan club in the over 13 agegroup.
Having been to the island were the shoot Balamory. (the village is called Tobermory, have been visiting it for years and years.)
Archies pink castle doesn't exist!!!!!!
The man boobed crazy camper's lair of yougurt-puppets isn't there.
just thought uz need 2 know.
Archie is by far the best character.
Josie jump's house doesnt exist either but who cares abt her?
by born in the wrong decade November 30, 2004

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