17 definitions by born blitzed

An appreciation of a particularly clever example of punning and/or wordplay to the point of rapture. The social sciences equivalent of a nerdgasm.
All it took was a single visit to the Pungeon Master page at TVTropes, and I was drowning in a tidal surge of pungasm glory!
by Born Blitzed November 01, 2011
I'm ready to blow this taco stand. So you either drive with me now, or find another ride.
Yo, playa, bus is leaving. Just get her digits and get in the car.
by Born Blitzed July 12, 2010
To tease or rag on; similar to break my balls and bust my chops.
The guys would bake my scrod if they saw me in this getup.
by Born Blitzed January 06, 2007

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