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Also known as Maplevirus. Possibly the gayest game known to man. A complete waste of the world's bandwidth. The whole game is about killing retarded animals that look worse than a piece of crap after a mexican food eating contest. And to top it all off, you have retarded facial expressions and a bunch of immiture dick licks of 12 years old and some 30 year old pedifiles that think it is cool going around calling everybody n00bs and @sses.
Retard #1: wOw I'm like totally like going like to like go and like play like maple story!!111!!!
Retard #2: Wow!!111!! That's so sweEt dude! So am like I. Can I trade you my wooden sword for your penis helmet?
Retard #1: No way man. I will like trade with like somebody like else.
Sane Person: Get a f'n life retards.
Retard #1: Maplevirus is my life!!!!111!!!
Retard #2: What is a life?
Sane Person: Whatever.
by boogersniffer May 01, 2007

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