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Oli Sykes is the fucking faggot ass lead singer of the equally-faggoty Bring Me the Horizon. All the other members of the band are somewhat talented and would flourish in an actually decent musical environment, wheras Oli fucking Sykes is only known for his overly straightened scene hair and overall fierceness.
He is also loved by hoards of dumbass 13 year old girls everywhere, even though in 50 years he's going to look exactly like Paul McCartney (don't deny it).
Is not awesome. Does not write deep lyrics. Possibly took a piss on some fangirl who didn't wanna shag him. Is an epic douche.
Girl one: Oh my god, did you go and see Bring Me the Horizon last night? I mean, they are sooo good! And that singer is sooooo hot. What's his name again? Oh. OLI SYKES!

Me: -punches in face-
by boobyheadrofllmfao December 24, 2009

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