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To treat someone with extra care and
Jean is a little wacky, we will have to treat her it kid gloves....
by bonneville babe February 08, 2005
Rolling back to the 1970's joy of sex book,a buttered bun is the highest bond between two male friends. To have sex with a woman, cum inside her, and have the other male have sex with her right after him and let his cum get all over his penis.
Oh, here man, I got this woman all buttered up for ya...
by bonneville babe February 08, 2005
To place a dity jock strap over your
face like a oxygen mask.
Those guys in the locker room gave him some jocksygen....
by bonneville babe February 08, 2005
The 1980's version of the 1990's robot dance, and the 2000's version of pop and lock. This involves, short
movements of the arms and legs with brief pauses in between. A form of breakdancing.
Wow man, your ticking is fly.
by bonneville babe February 08, 2005
To dance, drink, smoke weed and hang out with homies.
We'll be parloring up in that joint.
by bonneville babe February 06, 2005
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