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A person who purposely ruins the plot of a movie before the other person has a chance to actually see it.
Sara asked her co-worker what Soylent Green meant when another co-worker blurted out, "It's people!" The friend said to the other, "Sara really wanted to watch that classic film; your such a flick dick for ruining it for her!"
by bonified cracker December 28, 2011
An object when worn makes one do stupid things.
Real Estate Agent: Would you like to but some waterfront property in Arizona?
Potential Property Buyer: Hell no! Does it look like I have a zombie cap on!?

Teacher: Can anyone tell me what two plus two equals?
Student: That would, uuh, be five?
Teacher: Wrong! Take off your zombie cap and pay attention!
by Bonified Cracker November 17, 2011
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