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hey, like , the universe should weigh this much, right, but all the stuff we can see is like only 10% of that weight, yeh, so there must be some other shit we can't see! dark matter!


1. how the fuck does any one know how much the universe weighs
2. how the fuck does any one know how much stuff there actually is in the universe

its a theory, not a provable fact 'therefore' any one claming that they 'believe' it to exist is in fact as much of a lunatic as people who live their lives according to 2000 year old religious myths

and another thing the fucking big bang right, yeh ok maybe there is evedence of it im prepared to accept that but WHAT THE FUCK CAUSED IT cos in my experience huge explosions dont just happen at random unless ive had a few too many the night before

too many so called scientific people accept these things as fact without any questions or proof, that is known as faith in my book not science

dark matter? ive shit it
poindexter: dark matter exists
me: prove it
poin: well, i cant but i belive it to be true
me: i believe ur a fukin idiot
poin: very intelligent argument
me: yeh well your mother
by bongojim August 30, 2006

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