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A highly slept on HBO series that is based on the 'Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries' (The book that Stephenie Meyer stole the idea of 'Twilight' from.
Person 1. "I want to watch a really good show"

Smart Person. "Watch True Blood idiot"

Person 1. " What's that"

Smart Person. " A show with Sex, Drugs, Violence and Vampires."

Person 1. "Im going to watch it."
by bombkitten, like duh January 04, 2009
Cutest movie ever. Its about Hilary Swank whose dead husband sends her letters and leads her to screw his best friend. (Totally different than what you think)
"PS I Love you was a cute movie"

"You should make your boyfriend watch it"
by bombkitten, like duh January 04, 2009
A cell phone that is often stolen, because it has a removeable SIM card.
person 1 "Dude, some guy stole my sidekick!"

person 2 "Yeah, i told you that would happen."
by bombkitten, like duh January 05, 2009

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