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1 definition by bobswarleyman123

a) Noun: name for someone who always corrects you no matter how obvious what you meant is.

b) Noun: name for someone who brings up the fact that they're a medic in conversation all the time when it isn't needed.
Jonty: Yeah so I took this girl back from the club last night and..
Peter: It was past midnight when you left the club so it was this morning.
Jonty: Oh mate you're such a massive medic

Peter: I was in one of my medic lectures the other day and we had to dissect a hand then on the way out I saw that guy we met in Gatecrasher the other night!
Jonty: First half of that story was so pointless, what a classic medic thing to say
by bobswarleyman123 January 09, 2013
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