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2 definitions by bobby robertson

Hendrix is like here

And everyone else...is down here
Hendrix rules! That guy who said Clapton was better is an arsehole!
by bobby robertson January 26, 2005
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George W. Bush is the most stupid, disturbed, sinister, monkey-faced, shit-for-brains, daddys boy, nancy, call-up-dodgin, bawbag prick of an oil whore i have ever ha the misfortune to set my eyes upon. Everytime i see him claim he feels sorry for the families of the true americans he has sent to their deaths i want to smash my head into a wall out of sheer frustration. An im only Scottish. Thats why I propose that he is empeached, stripped of office and replaced by the remains of Jimi Hendrix, a true hero, who would probably do a better job.
How can 210 million people be so stupid?
by bobby robertson January 28, 2005
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