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4 definitions by bobby brady

Christian substitute for saying "Jesus Christ" in vain.
Bobby wiped out on his stingray bicycle...

BOBBY: Owww!!! Cheese & rice! Dog bandit! Stupid fricken bike!
by Bobby Brady July 08, 2006
Street name for Jergen's Lotion, famous for it's cock lubing masterbational qualities.
PETER: Hey, Bobby, how's it goin'?

BOBBY: Great, but I was just getting ready to leave to go shopping.

PETER: Oh man, I HATE shopping!

BOBBY: Oh, come on, I won't take that long; I'm just getting the basics -- milk, cereal, beer and Jerkin's Lotion.
by Bobby Brady July 03, 2006
When a severely drunk and/or hungover person is trying to vomit into the john and they tip forward thereby taking a "Johnny Dipp". Extremely gross if there is any vomit already in there!
PETER: God damn, Greg, what happened to you?

(Greg has water and barf all over his hair and dripping down his face and body)

GREG: I was puking into the john and I fell forward!

PETER: Well, get into the shower and clean up! Don't get your Johnny Dipp all over my house!
by Bobby Brady June 24, 2006
Attaching oranges together like giant anal beads then shoving them up ones ass whilst going balls deep in the ham wallet while and performing the fish hook, one then proceeds to angrily yank the oranges from said ass while attempting to make a sound of starting a lawnmower
The Hedgehog and I went to the strip club last night looking to go to pound town in the fuck truck the hedgehog then proceeded to perform an orange roughy on a paid hooker
by bobby brady February 20, 2014