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Political term that means pseudo-equal rights group or artifcial equal rights group. This groups or organizations tend to call them selves a organization that supports freedom and equality; however that is nothing more a backdrop for a biased unequal agenda.
Groups like Accuracy In Academia and Students for Academic Freedom are good exaples of Astroturf Groups. They put on the identity of being a organization that supports equality, but actually are trying to advance a political bias

"That Astroturf Group are really annoying" Bob said.
by Bob_the_Patriot October 23, 2007
A Activist, blogger, or any form of media personality that promotes prejudice and hatred towards liberals.
Conservative slander artist tend to used half truths and misleading information to paint a savage false image of liberals that is later echoed through the internet and other media sources.

Among the well know Slander Artist are...
David Horowitz
Ann Coulter
Sean Hannity
Michelle Malkin
Bob was surprised by all the videos by Conservative Slander Artist that he could find on youtube.
by Bob_the_Patriot March 27, 2008
A rabid Social Conservative that believes that their views and morals are superior and should be reflected in every level of society.
Among other things their disdain for the Constitution beyond themselves is a particular characteristic.
They are also known to play the victim to gain sympathy.
Bob was disgusted at the Social Nazis wild accusation that he was persecuting them
by Bob_the_Patriot May 26, 2008
An excuse conservatives use because they think that their way is the only way and seem not to realize that in fact, Conservative Loonies exist in droves as well.

This term is one of the many terms that is used in the Conservative Hate Culture.
Those Liberal Loonies! Supporting free choice and promoting equality and peace is ludicrous!
by Bob_the_Patriot September 15, 2007
A person (in most cases a supporter of the Religious Right) who intentionally ignores the 1st amendment to advanced a certain religious groups moral agenda over another. Ignore the fact the 1st amendment clearly states that the U.S. can not endorse religion.
Clearly some one who cherry-picks the Constitution without any respect for the constitution as a whole.
These type of people tend to support or smpythise with Social Authoritarian(a.k.a. Radical Social Conservatives)
People who can't fully be trust with the reigns of Government.
Mike Huckabee is Separation of Church and State Denier
by Bob_the_Patriot January 15, 2008
Refers to the attempt by a Very Conservative student to gather sympathy by coming to class looking and claiming he was beaten up by liberals. On top of that he tried frame left-wingers by sending hate/death threats to prominit conservative students on campus in hopes off giving the publisity.
The sutdent responsible for this hoax got national attention thanks to the Right-Wing Noise Machine who blew the insident out of porportian before the whole story unfolded. The Student later admitted to police that he had made it up.
Never forget The Great Princeton Hoax of 07.
by Bob_the_Patriot December 21, 2007
Another way to refer to Liberalism.
Classical Liberalism laid the foundation for Democracy and Modern Liberalism help improve it.
Very few people know of Democracy's Foundation.
by Bob_the_Patriot January 17, 2008

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