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n. to have a moment of unbelievable clarity brought on by truth or undeniable facts and sometimes having a slightly humorous effect. (In reference to the late great Johnny Cochran's defense of O.J. where he put the haton his head and the gloves on his hands and said 'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.'"
After group discussion, I had a cochran and then subsequently suggested that it's in our best interests to have an orgy together. I mean Dan is gay-curious, Sharon is bi,and my wife and I are free lovers.
by bob digitech August 09, 2008
the greasy, stank,grayish brown crud that collects in the taint area after a day's worth of vigorous activity in the blazing heat. It consists of back sweat, lotion, possibly sunblock and hair products, and of course liquidated fecal matter.
Man I just came from Ozzfest and my nads are swimming in anal gravy.

Fuck dude! Take a shower!
by bob digitech August 09, 2008
to accidentally break or damage beyond repair an expensive or inexpensive item while engaged in violent pounding of the pussy (thus explaining the work ethic).
Homie 1: Dog I was tearin' that pussy up on the couch last night,but we were so sweaty that i slipped and fell half way off the couch.

Homie 2: Wouldnt be called "fucking" if things like that didnt happen.

Homie 1: Well,I essentially did a kneedrop on my laptop cuz it was layin right next to the couch. The screen is totaled.

Homie 2: Daaaamn! You really slipped in the elbow grease on that one!

Homie 1: I'm sayin though.
by bob digitech August 09, 2008

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