12 definitions by bnevs

An erection when pertaining to a dog.
Why is fluffy chasing after aunt mildred?
Because fluffy's got a weegie squirt
by Bnevs March 27, 2007
A dog who is such a wimp that it is afraid of mice. Pronouned 'Bougy'
My dog is a Boogie so Ill twit its nose.
by bnevs April 03, 2007
A crude term referring to a tampon.
I hate having to clean the ass pony tray at work.
by Bnevs March 27, 2007
The thing that is going to kill the Music and Software industries...What is seen by many uninformed kids as a good thing, but anyone with a working knowledge of the economic system can see that it is a bad thing.
Go ahead and give me a down thumb for saying illegal downloading is wrong and harmful, but wouldnt you be mad if you didnt get paid for what you do because someone got it for free?
by bnevs April 03, 2007
Redneck who sucked so much at driving that he couldnt keep himself from driving into a wall and is now concidered some sort of great person.
You drive like Dale Earnhardt
by Bnevs March 27, 2007

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