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a mask that is linked to a rubber tube leading to his anal area and rips as much as he could if the victima (guy with mask on)(spanish for victim) can keep the mask on for 3 minutes he wins what ever goes in the pot
like i said victima is spanish for victim if you cant find a mask like that try to make a homeade one it has to bet a game with a bet or wager in the pot winner takes all_______rip mask or gas mask
by blumkin man!! December 07, 2010
my brother told me thats what his girlfriend says that all the time when he slap his penis on her under-goods
p.i.n. meaning- put it in for eager girls waiting for the man to put in in
by blumkin man!! December 07, 2010
a hello pinoy i somthing me and my friends made up. it is where. you suprise one of your friends or partners you restle them to the ground put some chille on you pinkie and stick it up his ass
what kind of chille? doesnt matter? it has to be your pinkie or it wont be a hello pinoy!!
by blumkin man!! December 07, 2010
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