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2 definitions by blueunwhitetillidie

Pride of yorkshire and always will be, whatever leeds televison and look leeds say. Enermies of the scum (sheff u), dingles (barnsley), cheaterfield and toytown (rovrum), forever envious of us from S6
"we'll never be mastered by those scum B*****DS, we'll keep the blue flag flying high
by blueunwhitetillidie December 13, 2004
Small suburb in greater sheffield, lived in by retarted chavs like mr smith, home of the the tivoli nightclub and possibly the most depressing and deprived area outside sheffield 2 (home of the pigs)
fookin 'ell our lass as 'ad 3 blocks tonite an i still only 'ave 50p
by blueunwhitetillidie March 15, 2005