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a person who cannot accept the cruel, natural order of life on this planet.

from this standpoint, they tend to abstain from all things regarded as coming from an animal, which foolishly denies them all foods which are tasty. as a result, the rest of us get to eat more chocolate, cheese, butter and meat. delicious meat.

the fact that these products create a pleasurable taste/smell is because the brain approves of the nuitritional content, but through the tragic infliction of the brain rotting disease; veganism. the subjects maintain that the moderate eating omnivore is risking their own long term health by consuming them. invariably they look on meat eaters/leather wearers as some kind of evil, set on the idea of inflicting pain on animals because we're lazy.
the sad irony of the preaching vegan is that they dont tend to realise that the only torturous behaviour is theirs. tell it to the lions, because im not listening any more.
vegan of the 16th century: because of my diet of nuts and grass saplings i will live a long, healthy and morally superior life...
(that winter the poor fool died of cold explosure because they refused to use leather)
by bluefish July 17, 2004

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