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44th president of the United States and first African-American president.

A man with the extraordinary ability to induce a primal state of paranoia and rage known as Obama Derangement Syndrome upon fanatical conservatives to the point where they take out their rage on Urban Dictionary by writing long winded, wildly incoherent and nonsensical definitions such as the one at the top of this page, and even hacking the votes on their own definitions in a pathetic attempt to make their extremist views appear popular, as if any minds will be changed by the spewings of some angry basement dweller on a site which everyone knows is a real bastion of unbiased, factual information.
For more examples of the insanity induced by Barack Hussein Obama, check out the definitions for evolution, barack obama, and liberal, particularly those written by authors 'ABSOLUTE' and 'KEEPin It REAL' who just so happen to be the same vote-pumping, God-fearing, CAPS-abusing moron.
by bluebloodhound November 15, 2011
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