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A gay community effort to force gayness on straights, to find any reason to claim a historical figure may have been gay and demand children are told all about it as if it really mattered to their discovery of a medical break through and so on. They insiduously infect the language with gay new meanings and codes in their efforts to make gay mainstream and straight weird or closed minded. One example is the co opting of the term progressive, socialization, and bias free curriculum's in the public schools. In many urban and suburban areas, the gay agenda is to teach the queer friendly "core values" to young minds. The gay guys teaching are children believe in "8 is too late" the NAMBLA motto.
Queer things that make me go "Humm....?"
I almost fell off my chair during curriculum night when this totally gay queen with wrist drop explained the "sex education" program he was planning to teach my 8 year old son. I thought "What the heck does that flaming faggot know about sex? You know, the normal male female kind""

So I bought a few books on the birds and bees, read each one slowly to him, showed pictures and all and stopped and answered every last question about sex, love, babies, deviants and the gay agenda as we progressed from the bees to a man and women making love and babies.
by blond.38.26.34.and5.10 September 16, 2006

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