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A hot southern chick, usually brunette. Short, tight little body and a total tease. A fun and loving person. Smart, gorgeous, athletic and insane. Very sexual, most often big boobs. Stunning green/brown eyes, sexy smile and killer body. The best friend who never lets you down. The best girlfriend you will ever have. Shy but hides it well. Don't mess with her unless you want to experience a real bitch. Gorgeous, hot and all around lovely. Amazing, spectacular and totally awesome. Full of passion and devotion. All around perfect. Enjoys long relationships but has many close male friends. Mistaken for a slut but actually isn't. Flirty personality and curvacious figure. Can win anyones heart with just her smile.
"look at that chick, must be a trinity"
by blah blah blah chica April 06, 2010
A girl who acts like a guy.
a girl who sleeps around like alot, is a slut.
by blah blah blah chica April 07, 2010

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