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A harlena is a large beast that roams small towns looking for children to eat.If a harlena is spotted, you must stand completely still, so it cannot see you. The only to terminate a harlena is to stab it in the eye with a rusty fork, shoot it in the heart with a silver bullet with a rittle engraved on it, because harlenas are very stupid creatures, or trap it in a room with a math equation written on the wall. Harlenas prowl late at night, and if one was to approach you, it will probbably try to offer you a bag full of baby legs. a harlenas weakness is food, it will eat todlers, babies, kittens, or kids with down syndrome. A harlena is no laughing matter, and they can be stopped. All you have to do is use these guidelines to stop one.
Holy shit, is that a harlena outside of that daycare center over there?
by blackfromthewaistdownmmmmmhhhm December 10, 2009

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