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A very addicting game, this game sucks so much nuts but once you play it you can never stop. You will be on 24/7 wasting your life on this game getting your levels up so you can wear some gay fucking armor. Once you start playing there is no way to quit unless you get banned then you might be able to. My advice is to not ever try playing this game, you will be addicted for life. DONT EVEN START PLAYING IT
Jeff: Yo Bill you want to come to my house after school and play some basketball?

Bill: No I have to get my guys level up in runescape

Jeff: u still play that gay game

Bill: yes

Jeff: no wonder u havent had a girl in ur life and u already a junior in high school

Bill: shut the fuck up i hate u i will own u in wildy

( the next day )

Bill: fucking hell someone hacked my account im gonna go kill myself now because my life has already been taken away from me anyways.
by blackanese21 August 26, 2007
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