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a guy puts saran wrap on a chick's ass then puts cocaine on it and the chick farts and the guy sniffs the cocaine
sally: have you ever done swedish frosting?
joe: do i really want to know what that is?
sally: trust me, you'll love it.
by bitchshitcuntfuck August 07, 2008
a guy puts every kind of body liquid (cum, shit, piss, blood puss, period, puke) in a chick's (or someone else's) mouth, then they gargle it and spit it out.
dude 1: how was your night with crystal?
dude 2: yea i gave her a brazillian milkshake last night
dude 1: you sick fuck
by bitchshitcuntfuck August 07, 2008
the REAL definition:
when you put saran wrap on your chest and someone takes a shit on it and you flip the saran wrap into your face

people have ACTUALLY done this... and i have no idea how fecal matter is sexually stimulating but whatever floats your boat i guess... i made a funny.
dude 1: yea cassy gave me a glass bottom boat..
dude 2: you sick fuck.
by bitchshitcuntfuck August 07, 2008
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