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A offspring of a nerd & nerdette
Look! Melvin & Myra has a little nerdling of thier own!
by bigg3469 March 20, 2009
The way that our parents used to discipline us when we misbehaved now considered as so called "Child Abuse" by a bunch of whiny sissies who do not have a bloody clue in how to deal with unruly children.
I think the parents should give that little brat some Old School Discipline instead of giving that brat timeout!
by bigg3469 March 23, 2009
Any idiotic twit that make mean spirited comments i.e. "band geeks" and has no true knowlege at all of the true aspects of a hard working marching band.
Don't listen to those jerks. They're only a bunch of brainless band haters!
by bigg3469 April 03, 2009
A group of mean spirited moronic individuals who bad mouths a high school or college marching band (Also see band haters).
don't listen to those morons, they are a bunch of Band Hating Noobs!
by bigg3469 May 19, 2009
real bad music that should not be played anywhere.
Man that William Hung is truly the king of crap music!!
by bigg3469 March 19, 2009
abberated term for Totaly Embarrassing Assholes
Those Tea Party Collaition members are a bunch of "T.E.A."!!
by bigg3469 October 04, 2011
Female version of the so-called "Wife beater" AKA Tank Top
Wow!! Karla looks cute wearing that man beater!
by bigg3469 March 19, 2009

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