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it's as simple as people that are really into the local music scene. i don't know about anywhere else, but in Seattle, its usually in the genres of emo, hardcore, and metalcore.

a lot of scene kids are straight edge. that really is mostly because of this groups affiliation with original hardcore (which is where emo evolved from and emocore), which is bands like minor threat, bad brains, dead Kennedys, 7 seconds, etc. not everyone realizes what some in the 80s did with the whole straight edge thing, but oh well. some people just took it too far and killed people who drank, smoke, and/or did drugs.

now this is a little bit of a rant, but this is my opinion here:

what confuses me (first of all i'm too a scene kid, the girl pants, emohawk, all of it) is that scene kids get pissed when they get made fun of for being scene, especially when someone calls them emo. Now in my opinion, emo kids usually are preps or people from some other stereotyped group that is in the beggining stages of converting to scene. But when you look at it as a whole, THEY ARE SO CLOSELY RELATED, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHY PEOPLE WOULD CONFUSE THE TWO. so don't get pissed off just because peopel are uneducated, unless they put themselves in that situation.

i won't say much more. other than scene kids usually know a ton about music, but they don't do much with it other then try to impress people with it. it's almost as if it's a contest of who can know more about music. oh well, i just like emo, indie, hardcore, spazzcore, metalcore, etc. just because it's not mainstreamed. fall out boy used to be scene, until they started focusing on the money and adding other people to their music. but that's another issue, selling out sucks.
a lot of scene kids also hate rap with a passion. but recently, scene kids are popping up in the rap scene as well. like gym class heroes. don't know why, scene kids to me are the more antithesis to rap, but whatever
by big tall emo kid in seattle July 10, 2007

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