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4 definitions by big goobie

having your mind blown.
Alex: "holy tits dude. i can't believe that girl."
Jordan: "i know dude. she wants my cock, big time."
Alex: "you're my hero. all you did was play xbox and some random girl shows you her boobs."
Jordan: "that's nothin nigga. look at this pic."
Alex: "damn. my gourd is thumped. let's get drunk."
Jordan: "i'm gonna carve a nigger beater."
Alex: "gourd thumped. x2"
by big goobie April 22, 2010
the act of kicking someone's ass in a way that causes them to have thoughts of suicide.
"dude, why aren't you online? i've been thumping gourd all day long."
by big goobie April 22, 2010
drunk text version of nigga.
Jordan: "ujr drunk noigga."
by big goobie April 22, 2010
the gravity hammer on halo 3. best used by thumping gourd in the game grifball.
guy1: "put down the pistol and grab that nigger beater, man!"
guy2: "alright, dude. i got it."
guy1: "now get ready to thump gourd with it."
by big goobie April 22, 2010