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reaching a level of high which is unmatched by any in your circle. it usualy happens in a super gonzo zero to sixty situation such as, person has a beer and a hit of weed one night and then the following night eats $135 worth of acid , six shots of sailor jerry, a peyote button, and three screamers.
"that guy last night went tottaly gonzo"
"yea. he was santana high"
by big bad chuck April 02, 2010
an older woman who is a milf. not to be confused with milf or cougaress.
guy 1: "man did you see that silver milf?"

guy 2: "don't you mean that cougar?"

guy 1: "no man. shes married and has a kid. shes just a silver milf."
by big bad chuck April 10, 2010
a cougar that is also a MILF. although not as rare as one would think, they are still harder to find than the average MILF and or cougar. must be single.
guy 1: "did you see that cougaress?"

guy 2: " don't you mean that cougar?"

guy 1: "no man she had her kid with her."

guy 2: "then don't you mean silver milf?"

guy 1: "combine them and get a cougaress."
by big bad chuck April 10, 2010
The act of two women being banged from behind face to face, while the two men reach over the top of the women creating a dome shape. Usually occurs after heavy drinking, and or cocain use.
"did you hear they all had a four-some last night"
"yeah those bitches straight got thunder domed!!!"
by big bad chuck April 07, 2010
pesky mechanics that straight yank all the snap-on guys jolly ranchers and red vines and never buy any of his tools.
by big bad chuck April 06, 2010

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