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The Cootch Pad can be found in many different places. It is most commonly found on your female mausesse. This rugid, firm pad can be worn by the mausesse to cover the female genitales from wondering fingers, or any type of foreign invasion. Many women wear the Cootch Pad on a first date to proctect the cootch sauce from being smelt right away. They are reusable after proper sanitizing.
1) Hey Tommy, was your mausesse wearing a Cootch Pad? Mine sure as hell was!

2) Jess, Don't you leave this house tonight without yourCootch Pad on. That Donnie has wondering hands. Protect the Cootch sauce.
3) While doing her weekly grocery shopping Christine was Groped by the meat manager in isle #6, thank goodness she was wearing her Cootch Pad. Which by the way can be purchaed in isle #2. Small, Med, Fupa size available.
#puss pad #pootch pad #gootch protector #couch pad #crotch blocker #cootch sauce protector #fupa saver
by Big "B" April 10, 2014
a shaved head on a guy/girl that has begun to grow out.
Did you see David today? Man, he has a major fuzzy goin' on !
#fuzzie #afro #fro #pouf #urban gangsta 'do
by big "B" August 17, 2008
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