31 definitions by big daddy

sounds like trucking
"Breaker 1-9, this is BIG DADDY, I need a radio check, do you copy? Over."
by BIG DADDY February 14, 2005
akin to: sucka, fool, mo-fo
I ain't talkin' to no jive turkies, slick.
by Big Daddy August 16, 2003
1.) being invisible
2.) a ghost

urban legend:

a woman who can turn to the side and disappear
1.) i'm not sure who broke into our house, it's like he was farheen

2.) "hey, did you hear about that new show, casper the friendly farheen?"

urban legend story
one day, a young girl, average weight, slept in her room at night. it has been said farheen turned to the side, and snuck into her room through the window cracks and killed the woman due to weight jealousy.

beware the farheen.
by BiG DaDDy March 29, 2005
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