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1. a name to call your penis when tiny dancer.. and pork sword doesnt work.
2. an irish drunk.. with alot of names.
3. one having a large vocabulary.
4. one who makes fun of crazy ex-boyfriends.. haha bean dip.
1. "dude.. little jimmy hasnt been performing lately.."
"dude, i know a guy.. mike, you remember.. that one time from that party.. creeping on that one girl/bhayy.. yeah hes got stuff to help that."
2. "dude.. jimmys walking off the road,"
"yeah maybe its cause he's an irish drunk.."
"lets call him by his other names.."
3. "i love it when paige uses small words.."
"yeah man shes so not a jimmy.. unlike natalie.. who is a large jimmy."
4. "dude that creep just touched your boob.."
"yeah thats my ex boyfriend. and thats called bean dipping."
"haha BEAN DIP!!"
by bhayyandnatalieee April 03, 2008

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