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An extreme dislike that kills sexual desire.
Doug has an anti-fetish for butch haircuts on women. It's bad enough that he actually dumped a girlfriend when she cut her hair short.
by BGMan August 31, 2009
If you get a friends request on Facebook, if you want to, you can refrain from either accepting or rejecting the request, instead keeping them hanging. Usually done 1) if you do not want to be friends with them, but it might cause trouble if you rejected them, or 2) if they already friended you a few times and you rejected them, yet they can't take a hint.

Note the subtle difference between Facebook limbo and Facebook purgatory: limbo is forever, whereas purgatory is not.
Check out my facebook limbo: my first grade teacher, my boss at work, that pothead from Last Chance State whom I always see at the bar, and the fat chick whom I already rejected three times.
by BGMan July 22, 2008
A jerkoff way of saying "before".
A: Prior to John's passing away...
B (thinking): What the fuck is wrong with "Before John kicked the bucket"?
by BGMan May 17, 2008
An emphasized version of "here". Used most notably by a certain pompous fatass in South Park.
Cartman: All right, you guys... I go hmyah, and you go hmyah!

Kyle: Shut up, fatass! I'm not going near hungry bears. Besides, they'd like you better!

Cartman: Dammit! Me, hmyah, you, hmyah!
by BGMan October 26, 2009
After utterly failing with a girl, to end up banging / dating / marrying her younger sister. The coolness of the act depends, of course, on the younger sister's relative hotness to the older's.
Most men agree that to pull a Mozart on Kourtney Kardashian would be a decided step up. On Kim, though, it would be a definite step down.
by BGMan October 15, 2009
To masturbate, probably originally short for "kill a kitten". In prison lingo, it means to do this in front of a female prison guard to traumatize and disgust them.

A girl can also kill a guy, and although this is a flirting technique rather than masturbating. Specifically, a girl sits where the target guy can watch her mess with her hair. Most effective when the girl is sleeveless, and leaning back somewhat, giving him a great view of her upper arms and upper body figure (and a hit of underarm pheromones) with slow sexually-loaded stroking of the hair and sometimes neck.
The felons got their jollies by killing the new female prison guards.

(Guy to himself) Damm, that girl is killing me again. Man! I'm getting a serious boner! Uhh... gotta use peripherals...
by BGMan April 17, 2008
"Protestant robot". If you ever run into those stone-faced evangelical Christians who immediately start talking to you about Jesus and being saved, and answer everything -- and I mean everything -- with another Bible quote, in a monotone, you'll know what I'm talking about. Granted, not all evangelical Christians are like this, but a large enough minority is that it makes a mockery of Christianity to other decent people.

Simply put, one of those things that brings Catholics and atheists together.
Sarah's really hot... except for the fact she's a total fucking prot bot. Dude... when she asked me if I was saved and wanted to go to church with her, I totally went limp.
by BGMan April 10, 2012
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