31 definitions by betty crocker

A gathering of 10 or less people, usually involving a few beers. A shindig will almost never turn into a party because only broke ass people attend a shindig...hence, the reason there are only A FEW beers.
hey jimmy you gonna go to your sister's shindig?

I ain't got nothing better to do.
by BETTY CROCKER June 24, 2006
A place to meet the lose chicks!
man 1 - I wanna fuck
man 2 - unless your paying for it you ain't getting any tonight man.
man 1 - hey lets hit up planned parenthood !, those bitches are all emotional from killling their kid and what not, and obviously they'll give it up!
man 2 - oh ya, lets roll!
by betty crocker October 10, 2006
a small skanky nip that has one vaginal lip larger then the other
ewww....that girl is a nhung fo sure
by betty crocker October 12, 2003

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