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For a women to have breadcrumbs or any general mills product caked into her pubic frame.
Say Leslie why are there hearts, stars, and rainbows in your pot of gold?
by ben claude May 06, 2003
an act or action that stands in a state of unselfishness that is so pure it is entertaining and possibly odd.
When he saw that she was about to step over a puddle he instead took his pants off and placed them over the puddle. It was perfectly sincere popcorn.
by ben claude May 05, 2003
Three or more male body parts that are aroused by a fury house broken rodent and place them between two slices of white rye or wheat risen dough.
Dan, Tom, and I with the help of your pet and wonder bread have made you a gerbection sandwitch.
by ben claude May 05, 2003
a fad that is personified in a jocky ackward fashion that is accepted merely because of the particular person who started it.
Wearing lee khaki's is so last jeager.
by ben claude May 05, 2003
A nonsensical greeting meaning the person has no need for human sensitivity at that point in the time continuiom and would rather persue a humerous or entertaining conversation and avoid a confrontation of any sort. Or it could reassure someone that you also want this sort of conservation.
Hey bob whats hanging. To the left and to the right to the left and to the right holmes.
by ben claude May 05, 2003

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