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2 definitions by beefstroganof

An insult to perverted, promiscuous men that always get pussy and get AIDS from it.

They are trashy, dirty and rude idiots. They're the 'male sluts', if you will.
For fuck's sake, stop being such a cuntsucker

James is such a cuntsucker.
by beefstroganof March 25, 2013
7 1
When your poop is halfway out/halfway in and it doesn't move at all no matter how hard you try to push it out. It's in a limbo when MOST of the poop is inside and the tip of it is hanging out - that's when it's so hard to push it out.

When your poop is in a limbo (and you can't get it out) you have to wipe your anus a lot because it will be so, uh, shitty. And becareful, as solid poop content might fall on your tissue.
My shit was in a bad state of limbo today. I just couldn't get it out no matter how hard I pushed. Now I think I've got a little bit of poop sticking out in my pants (can't clean it off!).
by beefstroganof October 08, 2013
3 3