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a really cool guy when you date him and you would never think he would do anything in the world to hurt you because he is so sweet! call him tiger:) his voice on the phone is really sexy, makes me horny. but then hell break your heart leaving you for another girl and tell you he is going to fuck her and laughs and kusses at you all the time:(but he is really cool as a friend to other people as a frind and he always gets in trouble all the time. it wouldnt be like him if he didnt. when you first meet him you will be in love.
wow calob, your so awesome!
i love you calob
by becca XD January 21, 2010
the fat on your body thats all shriveled up and bumpy. it will remind you of swiss cheese or COTTAGE CHEESE!!!! the holey kind:) or really really bumpy and squishy! yum!!! xD
whats that on your stomach man????
dude i got cheese!!!!!
eew man! you should get that checked out, its nasty!
dude i no! it reminds me of your face and its creeping me out!! :P
by becca XD January 26, 2010
alot of differrent foods mixed together to make one big ol' mushkakashka! (has to have taters in it!!!) oooooor alot of differnet drinks mixed togther that make one goooood tasty muther fucker!

both kinds look really nasty buuuut its da shit if you try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
beccas word she made up! duh! nobody can make as smart of a word as this! mushkakashka says kiss my ass if you dont like me or cant say my name!!!!! haha up your ass and on ur face buddy!
by becca xD January 26, 2010
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