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an affectionate term for the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC.
Acca Dacca is the greatest Aussie band of all time, no doubt about it.
by Beavis II January 26, 2009
The mouth of a compulsive liar, as to imply that nothing but shit comes out of it.
Shut your face anus, Bob.
by Beavis II April 11, 2012
The aftermath of an extensive sodomy session when the anus becomes so loose it's like having sex with a bowl of porridge.
Ah, ah I'm a plate of porridge
by Beavis II January 14, 2011
A session of sexual intercourse where one or both parties are performing flat out.
Last night I was going for gold with that chick I hooked up with the other night.
by Beavis II January 10, 2012
What you'd say when describing your birthday.
Next week will be the 30th anniversary of my uterus eviction.
by Beavis II October 30, 2011
A mentally deficient person.
Look at that guy. He looks like a bit of a dudley.
by Beavis II October 27, 2011
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