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1 definition by beatbox323

An all-boys Catholic prep school in Needham, MA. Students are for the most part extremely affluent (tuition is 30 grand a year) and come from the Metro-West area. People try to pass seb's off as a smart-kid school, when really it is just a rich kid school. Some kids are smart, but there are also a lot of meatheads who agreed to repeat a year in school in order to attend. The school has several solid athletic teams which compete in the competitive 16 school ISL conference. The typical seb's student is a clean-cut, preppy, conservative kid who plays sports. Girls tend to say that seb's boys are generally nice, but also extremely arrogant and "girl retarded". Like at most New England prep schools, the climate at St. Sebastian's is intense. Many seb's graduates go on to study at prestigious colleges and universities (many of them Catholic). Smart or dumb, conservative or liberal, athletic or not, all seb's kids think they are the shit...so watch out.
Casey: That boy is so hott let's go talk to him!
Erin: Stay away from him he goes to St. Sebastian's.
Casey: How can you tell?
Erin: He has "I am the greatest thing to walk the Earth" written all over his face.
Casey: Oh. Let's find some Xaverian boys then!
by beatbox323 November 02, 2008