1 definition by beastness unda cova

Paramore is the meaning to beastly a.k.a. best band your ears ever ate. Its a good thing:) but anyhoo

Wikepedia says there a emo band but so not true singing about some of the most legit topics ever. Best lyrics, best vocals, best music videos, best looking members none to man and women.

Trust me if you start to think your gay becuz your feeling attraction towards Hayley Williams, your not its natural.
Though most people know this band for there song "Decode" aka 12 year olds
the true fans are the ones that know that there first song was Conspiracy which now you do know so now you are a true fan.

Paramore, paramore, paramore!
"omg i just heard 'decode' by tht one band umm.." 12 year old
"Paramore!" fan
"yeah that one, omg new favorite band everr!" 12 year old
(fan giggles and walks away deleting 12 year old from phone book)
by beastness unda cova January 27, 2010

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