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A sweet quiet boy, Alec's generally like to read and are very polite. Well muscled but slightly "soft", Alec's never fight. Alec's are not rude, do not brag, and are very patient. They tend to like Annie's.
girl #1: Ahhh! He's sooo sweet!
girl #2: Duh. He's an Alec.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
A young romantic boy, often very slender and lean but not anorexic looking. Todd's are sweet and have great sense's of humor. Strong but not Arnold looking. Todd's often have black eyes and golden brown hair. Mariah's often fall for Todd's.
Todd ran his long fingers through his hair, its golden brown coloring sparkling in the sun, contrasting indefinitely with his onyx eyes.
As Todd's lips formed the words, the entire classroom laughed.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
A very polite young man. Goliath's are often very well muscled but do not use that strength for fighting unless absolutely necessary. Goliath's are respective of woman and often considered the perfect gentleman, although the long hair is sometimes misleading. Likes Alexandra's.
Wow, that guys strong.
Yeah, he's a Goliath. He's real sweet though.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
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