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all of these are signs of a poser

1) a kid who does something just because its what everyone else is doing

2) has no style of his/her own

3) does what everyone else does

4) nobody likes them
a kid who starts skating because he started watching viva la bam or rob and big

someone who dresses normal one day and tries to dress like a skater another

by be be lover February 07, 2009
girls who are so ugly they go to some weird ass style... they act like they aren't conforming even though they dress like that because they didn't fit in with the popular croud... and they say they hate the popular croud but the real reason they do is because they were rejected by the popular croud because emos and scene kids are in fact fags... every single one of them.
jock 1: hey look at those scene kids... they're such fags. lets go can them

jock 2: ok lets do it.

cheerleader: and look at his ugly ass scene girlfriend... we should screw with her by saying she's pretty and convince her to try out for cheerleading
by be be lover February 07, 2009
the most badass motherfucker in the world... and if you think you're more badass than him... ur probably already dead by now!
chuck norris once went to the doctor to test for steroids... he gave a urine sample and the doctor said it came up 100% positive for steroids, he simply replied, "where the hell do you think they even get steroids?"
because in fact, chuck norris's pee is steroids
by be be lover February 24, 2009

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