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Usually two-faced, FAKE, conniving chick who begs for any attention in any way she can. They tend to start drama with girls they're extremely jealous of. Originating from the trailor-trash/redneck area, Ivanas find it extremely attractive to wear 10 lbs of make-up and constantly add more throughout the day. Even though Ivanas are lacking in T&A and fashion jeans that are too tight(muffin-top alert), they some how think they still look good. This is most likely because Ivanas tend to be idiotic and think just because guys try to get with her (simply because she's an easy target), she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Most commonly found as fire-crotches who like to dye/bleach their hair blond and have mouths WAY too big for their face accompanied with horse teeth.

Because of her drama-starting nonsense and SMUTness, Ivanas constantly have a target strapped on their back for a good ass beating.
Girl: Did you see that girl?

Guy: Yea, she finally got her ass kicked for being such a Ivana.
by bbSaamiiXO December 11, 2010

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