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this first article here just pisses me right off. The fact that he says jimmy page sucks makes me wonder: has this fuckin retarded hater ever picked up a guitar? before you start bashing these bands, and they are influential bands, please id like to hear some of your crazy guitar playing skills. Kurt Cobain knew he wasnt an great guitar player, he didnt strive to be one, but his are anything but meaningless. and jimi hendrix. he was an extrordinary guitarist. Radiohead is awesome, the thing im trying to figure out is, how it is you think jimmy page sucks, yet you love radiohead, according to your standards, your favourite band should be a superpowered one consisting of victor wooten, neil peart, joe satriani, yngwie malmsteen, and jack black, who is an amzing singer despite his choice of material. All in all, if your gonna criticise these bands the way you have, id like to see your amazing band in concert sometime at red rocks. Id also like to point out that avril lavigne is not punk and never was, for any of those confused, shes can sing, ill give her that. As for Atreyu, to me, if every single word is screamed and completely unintelligible, thats not singing, and the drummer does not make up for it with his few understandable words. My Chemical Romance has gone completely mainstream and i cant distinguish between the singer and the bride in that music video. Thats all i have to say.
the retards at guitar.com dont exist, but there is one retard who made this thread
by bassman793 May 09, 2006

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