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A type of female that is insanely irresistible to almost everyone that walks by her. Is it the eyes? Or is it the hour glass curvature of her sexy body? This type of female is rare and hard to find. She smells of exotic designer perfumes and is always glowing... not only when she sits in the sun. Her smile and laugh is so coy and seductive, she's hard to forget. She dresses very well and has the cutest ways about her more than any other woman on this planet. A Codie is just plain sex kitten written all over her. She makes a lot of girlfriends and wives jealous. She catches everybody's eye. She is naturally the centre of attention where ever she goes. Girls cant be her friend because she is just to hot for them...they get jealous too. But a Codie is a great friend.
Her feline like eyes are so piercing, she leaves you mesmerized. This is a female that gets everything she desires because people just want to be a part of this girl's life ....or have her undivided attention.
"WOW! That girl is almost like a Codie..."

"Damn that girl is almost as HOT as CODIE"

"That girl wishes she was a Codie"

"There is only one Codie"
by basil4445 February 04, 2010
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