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Killer Sex
Last night I performed the ancient art of porkicide on my girlfriend and boy do I feel good.
by bartyjoe from the land of sand September 23, 2009
The vagina house is the holy trinity of a women's thighs, ass and hips. It is the place that the vagina lives!
That girl has an excellent vagina house. I'm going to try to move in to spend the summer.
Someone that predicts stupid things
Bitchy is a DumbAssTroDomus since he constantly predicts the Raiders will win
by bartyjoe from the land of sand October 31, 2009
An old guy with douche like characteristics, including but not limited to:
An Earring
Sleaveless Shirts
Tattoos on the Biceps
Ed Hardy Shirts
Blue Tooth in the ear
Excessive Jewelry
The gym was overrun by Elder Douche tonight.
by bartyjoe from the land of sand March 16, 2011

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