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when a man and a woman are intimate, the man shits in a condom and freezes it. then the man takes the frozen shit "dildo" and crams it up the womans ass. she then moans and asks for more.
man 1:dude i took the biggest shit and froze it last night
man 2: did u alaskan pipe line some bitch?
man 1: fuck yeah nigga coon!
by barrak obama October 27, 2007
the act of putting your cock and balls between your legs and bending over to show someone. you then shake up and down or side to side to show the world your balls, dick and asshole. popularly performed out of a window of a moving car.
man i showed alex's mom my turkey basket last night and she was so impressed by it that she blew me...then i abe lincoln'd that ho.
by barrak obama October 27, 2007
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