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A student who attends the beginning of class, but regularly takes off to "the bathroom" for ten-twenty minutes at a time, as if the backpack is going to do all the learning for him/her.
I always email my instructor at the last second to ask the most basic question because I'm a clueless backpack learner.
by barefootgirl February 20, 2011
What you get when sitcking your toe into a sea anemone. It sucks on the tip, therefore, a toe blow.
Even though we were worried that a rogue wave might take us down, we took off our sandals and got a toe blow.
by barefootgirl February 15, 2010
(transitive verb) to smuggle contraband into a venue (concert, sports, bar, etc.) that involves a pat down by stuffing said contraband into the back of your pants at the very top of your butt crack. Works best for ladies with large asses.
Becky buttbeered a Tecate into the club because she was too broke to pay marked-up bar prices.

Danielle buttbeered her umbrella into the Jay-Z concert and got through security with no problem.
by barefootgirl November 11, 2011
When you really don't have enough time to shower but your odor is driving you crazy so you take an extra super speedy shower, doing everything extra fast.
The ballgame was tied in the middle of the ninth, but I had to take a ninja shower just in case it went into overtime.
by barefootgirl August 21, 2011

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