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The absolute most pimping thing you could ever join.
We have band practice.
Marching Band Competition.
by Band Geek February 03, 2003
The band room is your home
The bus rides your sleepovers... movies, games, truth or dare, and just being perverts!
The band wing is the cool hang out spot in the morning, even on days when you don't have band.
Social life = band. you have no time for anything else between band camp, rehersals, football games, more rehersals, competitions, auditions...
a band is a single unit that works together, in marching band, you find your very best friends, and your family.
and band can also be your source of injury like being run over by the tuba, or hit in the head by the colorguard.
in short... band = love
try marching 7/8 in the shower - falls

driving car around "snowflakes" in parking lot (actually chairs lol)

DRILL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
band memories...are the best ones I've got
by Band Geek December 01, 2004
oral sex
Can I go down?
by band geek August 28, 2003
The best section of Concert and Marching Band.
The woodwinds sound outstanding.
by Band Geek February 03, 2003
Twenty times better than Marching Band.
We have Concert Band rehersal today.
by Band Geek February 03, 2003
An athlete that plays a sport because they enjoy it. There may be some who are sluts/stuck up/or preppy. That still doesn't mean that all of them are. At the school that I go too, the band and the cheerleaders support eachother because they don't really get it from anyone else.
I'm not a cheerleader and I don't hang out with any. I'm just a person with opinions.
by BaNd GeEk August 02, 2004

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